During our long history, Foresight has developed a number of services and products to support the technology innovation process.

Whether you’re deciding whether to patent a technology, developing a commercialization plan, building a spin-out, analyzing a technology portfolio, valuing or licensing a technology, Foresight can help.

Click on our various core service areas below to gain a better understanding of what we provide.

Technology & Market Assessments

Our team of consultants perform over 600 assessments per year using Foresight’s proprietary methodology and reports to provide information and input relevant to specific technologies or markets.  The chart below outlines the major steps in the market research and validation process for a technology. Foresight assessments are able to help you with these steps.

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Technology Marketing and Deal Making

Foresight provides clients with technology assessment services and “deal-making” opportunities. We follow a rigorous process to determine a technology’s commercial potential, help generate marketing material, find the right partner within the supply chain, perform outreach, and support negotiations.

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T2+2® is a web-based service and resource for finding relevant market data and deal information across a number of sectors. T2+2® provides multiple datasets with a variety of critical information to enable you to assess your technology at a rapid pace.

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Custom Consulting

Here at Foresight, we are happy to perform custom consulting based on your objectives, needs, timeframe, and budget.

Foresight consulting provides customers with advisors, mentors, and coaches on a time or per project basis. We also provide contract staff for technology transfer, commercialization, and business development and sales on a temporary or full time basis.

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Foresight Science & Technology offers several training and/or education courses (both online and in-person) designed around the needs of the client. These courses are conducted by staff who have decades of experience in their respective fields. Foresight training programs emphasize practical hands-on methods, using the customer’s own technologies and scenarios when possible, as well as case studies, role-play and interactive scenarios to convey the information.

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